The following table lists the command-line parameters for printing to the Raster Image Printer from various commonly used applications.

Command Line Printing

When printing through the command line, please note that not all applications will close after printing the requested file.


File Type

Command Line

PDF file

AcroRd32.exe /t filename printer name [driver name] [port]

(if using Acrobat Writer, substitute Acrobat.exe for AcroRd32.exe)

Notepad file

notepad.exe /p filename.TXT

TIFF Images

\WINDOWS\kodakprv.exe /p filename

DCX Images

\WINDOWS\kodakprv.exe /p filename

AWD fax documents

\WINDOWS\kodakprv.exe /p filename

DrWatsons Log


Printing a font file

\WINDOWS\fontview.exe /p fontfile

Winfax faxes

\WINFAX\WFVW32.EXE -p filename

Internet URL shortcuts

rundll32.exe \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSHTML.DLL,PrintHTML filename.URL

Microsoft Excel

\OFFICE\excel.exe /e filename.XLS

Microsoft HTML document

\OFFICE\msohtmed.exe" /p filename.HTM

Microsoft BINDER file

\OFFICE\binder.exe -p filename.OBD

Microsoft PowerPoint file

\Office\PowerPnt.exe" /p filename.PPT

Microsoft Publisher


Microsoft Word Docs

\Office\winword.exe" /x filename.DOC

Microsoft Info

\MSINFO\MSINFO32.EXE /p filename.NFO

MS Outlook files

\Office\outlook.exe /p filename.MSG

Pagemaker files

\PM6\PM6.EXE filename.PM6

Webshots Screensaver

\WSST.EXE /p filename.wss

WIF images

\WINDOWS\kodakprv.exe /p filename.WIF

Write documents

WORDPAD.EXE /p filename.WRI

XIF documents

\WINDOWS\kodakprv.exe /p filename.XIF