The Paper/Quality tab is used to select the color of your JPG image. This option can be overridden by the Color Reduction option in the Save tab or through some of the fax mode settings on the FAX/TIFF tab.



To convert documents to black and white while maintaining the highest possible image quality, select Color on this tab and choose Reduce to black and white on the Save tab.



Defines the color mode in which the input is sent to the printer.

Black & White - Source file is sent to the printer as black and white, or monochrome.

Color - Source file is sent to the printer as color.

This only controls how the source file is sent to the printer; the other settings on the various driver properties tabs will determine the color mode of the output file.

If fax mode is enabled on the FAX/TIFF tab and you are creating a Profile S or Profile F fax format image, the color option is ignored and a black and white file will be created instead.

The setting for the Color Reduction option on the Save tab can also override the color setting chosen here. If you are printing in color and have chosen to "Reduce to black and white" you will end up with a monochrome output file.

Opens the Advanced Options dialog box where you can select the color mode as well as the paper size and print quality(DPI) of your image or file.