Page processing allows you to modify each page of the document. The options shown here are applied to each page of the file before any further processing, such as Image Processing, FAX/TIFF or Watermark options are applied.

The following properties allow you to set the driver’s automatic cropping and trimming features. They can be used separately, or in conjunction with one another, to refine the image and change its dimensions during the output process.


Set any rotation options for the incoming pages before they are put into the output file. This is in addition to any rotation performed by the application you are printing from.

Rotation options can be set separately for Portrait and Landscape oriented pages.

Pages can be rotated 0°, 90°, 180°, or 270° counter-clockwise

If a dash (-) appears, no extra rotation will be done.


Sets any cropping options you want to apply to the incoming pages. The concept of image cropping is comparable to scissors that cut away sections of paper. In this case, the Raster Image Printer removes portions of the image and leaves a remaining visible area that is smaller than the original.

If any rotation is chosen, cropping is applied as if the page was not rotated. For example, rotating a portrait page 90° counter-clockwise and cropping a 1" margin from the Top, will crop a 1" margin off the left hand side of the rotated page, which was originally the top of the page.

Cropping can be specified in either of two ways: as page Margins, or as a central Area or Region on the page.


Check this box to enable the cropping options.


Determines the unit of measure used to enter any cropping options. Choose English to enter the cropping measurements in inches or Metric to enter the units in centimeters.

You can enter units with up to three digits of accuracy, or to an eighth of an inch (0.125in or 0.318cm).


Enter the desired measurements, in inches or centimeters, to crop margins of that width from the Left, Top, Right or Bottom of the image.

If all four fields, Left, Top, Right and Bottom, are 0.00in then no cropping is performed.

Here, we are cropping a 1.00in margin on each side of the page. The darker part of the image shown is the result.


Area or Region:

Enter the desired measurements, in inches or centimeters to crop out a section of the page.

The Left and Top are the starting points for your cropped area, the left- and topmost edges of the remaining visible area.

The Width and Height are the actual dimensions of the area you want to crop from the original page.

If all four fields, Left, Top, Width and Height, are 0.00in then no cropping is performed.

Here we are cropping a 6.00in x 5.00in area that is 2.00in from the left and top of the page. The darker part of the image shown is the result.

See Also: Using the Crop Features


Trimming is similar to cropping. Raster Image Printer will automatically remove all areas on the chosen sides (Left, Right, Top or Bottom) of the image that fall at or below the chosen intensity level.

The intensity level is used to decide what pixels get thrown away. Colors are converted to a grayscale palette, and then compared to the chosen intensity level. Trimming on any side stops as soon as a pixel is encountered that is greater the chosen level.


Check the appropriate box for the side or sides of the document to be trimmed


Move the thumb control on the slider to the left or right to set the intensity level desired. When the intensity is set all the way to the left on White(0), only pure white pixels will be removed. The higher the intensity, the more colors will removed. If the intensity is set to Black(100), the entire page will in effect be "trimmed", and the trimming operation is abandoned.

See Also: Using the Trimming Features

Brightness Adjustment

This allows you to lighten or darken the images or text on your incoming pages. Darkening the page can help to make light colored text more readable, or, reversely, lightening a page can make a dark image more visible.

Move the thumb control on the slider to the left or right to adjust the Brightness.


Launches the Activation Wizard as described in the Activating Raster Image Printer section if you are in trial mode.

If you have already activated Raster Image Printer , you will see a summary of your license information (see Viewing Your Activation Status for more details)

Restore Defaults

Restores this tab's settings back to the defaults when the driver was first installed.


Brings up the on-line help for this tab.