The Layout tab is used to select the paper size, print quality, orientation and page order of your output file.

Some of these options can be overridden by the settings chosen in other tabs. For instance, if you have Orientation set to Portrait but have also set rotation options for portrait pages on the Page Processing tab, the settings on the Page Processing tab will be used instead.


Specifies how the document is positioned on the page.

Portrait orients the paper vertically.

Landscape rotates the paper 90° clockwise.

Print on Both Sides

This option has no effect on the output file created. It can, however, be used by other applications that support duplex, or double sided, printing. A common use for this option is to determine how to position the page number, which is often placed on opposite sides of the page in duplex mode.

None - duplex printing is not enabled.

Flip on Long Edge - duplex printing is enabled, pages are flipped on the side, or long edge, of the paper, or

Flip on Short Edge - duplex printing is enabled, pages are flipped on the bottom, or short edge, of the paper.

Opens the Advanced Options dialog box where you can select the paper size and print quality(DPI) of your output file as well as the color mode.