Raster Image Printer is installed with pre-determined, or factory defaults, for all of its settings. The installation program also creates a folder containing all the setup files to the Raster Image Printer installation folder on your hard disk.

If you have installed the driver in the default location, the setup files will be located in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Raster Image Printer 11.0\Setups


You can use the PNRAS11C.INI configuration file in this folder to customize the install to your specifications, including:

change the factory defaults

installing the driver on other machines with customized settings

controlling which of the property pages (tabs) are visible on the Printing Preferences dialog

Applying the Driver Changes

If you make changes to the PNRAS11C.INI configuration file in the /Setups folder, you will need to run the PNSetup.exe program , also located in the /Setups folder, to (re)install the printer and see your changes. Alternatively, you can copy the edited PNRAS11C.INI into the following folder:

On a 32-bit operating system:


On a 64-bit operating system:



Windows Vista and Windows 7 Permissions

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems you will need administrative permissions to access this folder.