In many cases, you will need to install your customized printer on many workstations within your office environment. The steps below outline how this can be done.

1.Install the Raster Image Printer on a single computer. You do not have to license the software at this point.

2.Make a copy of the \Setups subdirectory of the installation tree for your own use. Commonly the folder is copied to a shared network location accessible from the other computers.

3.In your copy of the \Setups folder, edit the configuration file PNRAS11C.INI as needed. The configuration file sections are outlined in the section Customizing Driver Defaults.

4.Have your installation program call PNSetup.exe from your /Setups folder, or run PNSetup.exe directly yourself to install the driver with your desired settings.

5.License the software as needed.


If you do not want the users to be able to edit your customized settings, you can hide the individual tabs in the Printing Preferences dialog as needed. See Hiding and Showing Property Pages for details on how to do this.