Many newer fax machines now support color faxing as well as black and white. The following steps will walk you through creating a faxable color TIFF image.

All of the other supported file formats that can be created by Raster Image Printer can also create color fax-format images. Please note that while some of the file formats can be created with the necessary fax paper size and fax resolutions they may not natively be able to be faxed.

Step by Step Instructions


1.Open the document you want to convert into a faxable TIFF image.

2.Select File - Print from your application.

In the printer field choose the Raster Image Printer 11.0 from the drop-down list of printers.

Click the Properties... button to open the Raster Image Printer properties dialog box.

3.Click on the FAX/TIFF tab in the Document Properties dialog to access the fax settings.

Enable fax settings by checking the Enable fax mode check box

In the Fax Profile drop-down list, choose Profile C for color fax images.

In the Fax Resolution drop-down list, choose the desired fax resolution. Profile C offers resolutions ranging from 100x100 up to 1200x1200. A common fax resolution that is a good balance between quality and size is 200x200.

The remaining options can be left as they are for now. You are encouraged to play with these options at your convenience. See the FAX/TIFF tab in the Properties Reference section for more details.

4.Click the OK button on the Document Properties dialog to save the changes to the fax options.

5.Click the OK button on the Print dialog (or the appropriate button on your application's print dialog) to send the document to the printer.

6.Choose where to save your TIFF image using the Save Image File dialog.

Use the Save in: field to choose a folder to store your TIFF image. Your Documents folder will be selected for you by default.

In the File name: field, enter a name for your TIFF image. A default name for your image has been filled in based on the name your application used when it printed your document to the Raster Image Printer; here we have changed it to ColorFaxTIFF.

In the Save as type: drop down list select TIFF Multipaged (*.tif) to create a multipage fax format TIFF image. This can be changed to TIFF Serialized (*.tif) if serialized, single page TIFF images are needed.

Click the Save button to create the image. The image will be created in the folder you chose.