The following features have been deprecated. No new functionality will be added to these features.

Control strings can be used to manipulate Raster Image Printer settings dynamically during print jobs. Control strings embedded in your documents override settings in the printer property sheets, and remain in effect for the duration of the print job. Control strings use the following syntax (braces {} denote optional arguments):

~0% keyword "value" { keyword "value" { keyword "value" { ... } ?

Control strings must conform to the following criteria in order to be processed by Raster Image Printer:

Control strings must contain at least one keyword-value pair.

No spaces should separate the first three characters ( ~0% ).

The final character must be a question mark ( ? ).

Control strings must appear at the very beginning of a line.

No other text should appear on lines that hold control strings.

Values are enclosed in quotation marks ("); when using control strings Microsoft Word you will need to turn off Smart Quotes. Control strings formatted with Smart Quotes will not be recognized by the driver.


Enabling Control Strings

In Raster Image Printer 11.0, unlike earlier versions of the driver, control string support is disabled unless explicitly turned on through the Enable Control Strings check box on the Text Extraction dialog box.


Control strings are processed internally. They will not be printed to the output unless they are improperly formatted, and thus indistinguishable from regular text. If your control strings appear in the output, it is a clear sign that one of the criteria above has not been met.

If your control strings fail to have the desired effect, yet do not appear in the output, make sure that the keywords they reference are recognized by Raster Image Printer.

Changing the control string prefix and suffix

By default the prefix of '~0%' and suffix of '?' are used to recognize a control string pattern in a printed document. Some applications will break this string and print each character separately, making it impossible for us to detect the control string. From the Text Extraction tab you can set the control string prefix and suffix to a single Unicode character value. By using this feature, products like Crystal Reports and Adobe Reader can be configured so the product recognizes control strings.

Control Strings Keywords

The tables in the next sections list the keywords can be set through control strings. A value in bold text represents the default value for that keyword.

Save Keywords

Compression Keywords

FAX/TIFF Keywords

PDF Security Keywords

Advanced File Naming Keywords

Watermark Keywords

Run Keywords

Error Reporting Keywords

User Variables and Other Keywords