Configure Raster Image Printer to Use a Custom Paper Size

The steps below will configure Raster Image Printer to use a custom paper size of 15" wide x17" high.

Close any open applications that you will be printing from before making changes as not all applications will see your changes until they are re-started. Changing the custom paper size settings using the following steps is a global change, meaning that all applications will use these options when printing to Raster Image Printer.

1.From the Start menu, go to All Programs - Raster Image Printer 11.0 - Properties...

2.Click the Advanced Features tab in the Printing Preferences dialog.

3.Check the Enable Custom Paper check box and enter in the Width and Height of the desired paper size. Here we are creating a custom paper size that is 15" wide by 17" high. The Printer Area Margins are left at 0.

4.Click the Apply button and then the OK button to set the changes.

5.Printing a document to the Raster Image Printer will now create a JPG image that is 15" wide and 17" high. You can determine this by dividing the width in pixels by the horizontal resolution and the height in pixels by the vertical resolution.

4500 pixels / 300 DPI = 15 inches

5100 pixels / 300 DPI = 17 inches