The compression used in your fax image can only be changed for Profile F fax images. The selected compression method in the Monochrome Images: drop down list on the tab determines the compression method. If the current setting is not applicable the default compression setting for that fax profile will be used instead. JPEG files will use the compression selected for JPEG, while TIFF and PDF each use the compression method chosen in their respective Monochrome drop down list on the Compression tab for their compression settings. Compression settings cannot be changed for the other output formats.

Step by Step Instructions


1.Open the document you want to convert into a faxable file.

2.Select File - Print from your application.

In the printer field choose the Raster Image Printer 11.0 from the drop-down list of printers.

Click the Properties... button to open the Raster Image Printer properties dialog box.

3.Click on the FAX/TIFF tab in the Document Properties dialog to access the fax settings.

In the Fax Profile drop-down list, choose Profile F.

In the Fax Resolution drop-down list, choose the desired fax resolution. Common fax resolutions are 200x200, 204x196 and 204x98.

The remaining options can be left as they are for now. You are encouraged to play with these options at your convenience. See the FAX/TIFF tab in the Properties Reference section for more details.

4.Click on the Compression tab in the Document Properties dialog to access the compression options.

Change the compression settings for the file type you are creating.

5.Click the OK button on the Document Properties dialog to save the changes to the fax and compression options.

6.Click the OK button on the Print dialog (or the appropriate button on your application's print dialog) to send the document to the printer.

7.Choose where to save your file using the Save Image File dialog.

Use the Save in: field to choose a folder to store your file. Your Documents folder will be selected for you by default.

In the File name: field, enter a name for your file. A default name for your image has been filled in based on the name your application used when it printed your document to the Raster Image Printer; here we have changed it to FaxTIFF.

In the Save as type: drop down list select TIFF Multipaged (*.tif) to create a multipage fax format TIFF image. This can be changed to TIFF Serialized (*.tif) if serialized, single page TIFF images are needed, or any of the other output file types.