Automatically View the Created Files

It is often convenient to have your output file automatically opened after it has been created. You can configure Raster Image Printer to do this using the Run properties.

All output options are controlled through the Printing Preferences dialog. Close any open applications that you are printing from before making changes as not all applications will see your changes until they are re-started.

Step by Step Instructions


Changing the Run properties using the following steps is a global change, meaning that no matter what application you use when printing to Raster Image Printer, the created file will automatically be opened.

This method will only work if an application that can open the output file is installed on your computer. For example, you will need an image viewer to open TIFF or JPG images, or a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader to open PDF files.


1.From the Windows Start menu, go to All Programs - Raster Image Printer 11.0 - Properties...

2.Click on the Run tab in the Printing Preferences dialog.

In the Show settings for area, select the End of job radio button.

Click Enabled to turn on the options for End of job.

In the Command: field, type in the macro $(OutputFilePath), if it is not there already.

3.Click the Apply button and then the OK button to set the changes.

What are Macros?

Macros are special strings that have been pre-defined by Raster Image Printer and are replaced with values supplied internally. In the above case, the macro $(OutputFilePath) is automatically replaced with the full path and name of the JPG image you are creating. When Raster Image Printer tries to run, or open, the JPG image, Windows will automatically open the file in the default viewer for JPG images.

More Information Regarding the Run Commands