When creating multipaged output the files created can be automatically split into a sequence of smaller files using one or both of the following criteria:

split the file based on a page count

split the file as soon as it exceeds a size threshold

If both file splitting options are enabled, the file will be split at the first condition that is met. File splitting only applies to the following multipaged file formats:

TIFF Multipaged - TIFF Multipaged (*.tif)

Adobe PDF Multipaged - Adobe PDF Multipaged (*.pdf)

ZSoft DCX - ZSoft DCX (*.dcx)

When file splitting is enabled the serialized naming profile is always used to name each file in the sequence. For example, printing a 15 page report from an invoice database to a multipaged TIFF image and setting the file splitting page count to 5 pages will result in 3 output files, each with 5 pages, named as follows:




Step by Step Instructions


Changing the file splitting  options using the following steps is a global change, meaning that all applications will use these options when printing to Raster Image Printer.


The following steps demonstrate setting the file splitting to occur when there are 100 pages in the file, or if the size of the file exceeds 10MB.

1.From the Windows Start menu, go to All Programs -  Raster Image Printer  11.0 - Properties...

2.Click on the Save tab in the Printing Preferences dialog.

In the Output Directory field, type in the folder where you want to save your output files. You can also use the Browse... button to find a folder on your computer. If the field is left blank, the Documents folder is used by default.

Leave the Filename field blank to have Raster Image Printer use the name submitted by the application when the file is printed as the output file name. If you specify a filename, and have the Overwrite always option checked, each print will overwrite the previous file.

Click the Split after check box to enable file splitting by size and type in the file size threshold in megabyes (MB) to use. The file will be split after this size is exceeded.

Click the Split every check box to enable file splitting by page count and type in the maximum number of pages you want per file..

3.Click the Apply button and then the OK button to set the changes. If the output directory you typed in does not exist, you will be prompted to confirm creation of the new directory.

4.Printing to Raster Image Printer from any application now saves the output files into the chosen directory, split into sequenced files. Each file in the sequence is no more than 100 pages or just larger than 10MB..