Using the configuration file to indicate the script file

To enforce the same printing defaults for all users at runtime, you can use the configuration file as the master script file. See Editing the Configuration File for more details on changing the configuration file.

To use the configuration file as the script file, make your desired changes to the PNRAS11C.INI configuration file and change the Use_this_file_as_master_script value to TRUE in the [Scripting file] section.

[Scripting file]



To specify a different file to be used as the script file (for all users), enter the following lines in the [Scripting file] section:

[Scripting file]




If you do not specify the full path for the script file (i.e. Script=MyScript.INI), the driver will assume the file is located in the %Temp% directory.


If you do use the configuration file to determine the location of the script file, you will need to follow the steps in Editing the Configuration File regarding changing the file, and the steps in Installing the Customized Printer to (re)install the printer with the new, modified settings.