Setting Max Jobs

The Raster Image Printer will by default process print jobs in parallel. The higher the number of print jobs processed at a time, the greater the demand on your system resources.

To control this, you can set the maximum number of jobs that can be run at any one time. This limit is shared between all version 11.0 drivers on your computer. By default this limit is set to 0, meaning there is no limit. This is fine for anyone using the print driver interactively as part of their daily tasks.

If you are automating using the Raster Image Printer, it is very easy to flood the print queue with print jobs and overload your system. If you are porting your automation code from the version 6.0 drivers, there is a chance that you will need to set this limit. Any automation code that "fills" the print queue with spooled documents will likely run into this scenario.

To set the max job limit:

1.Go to Start – All Programs -  Raster Image Printer  11.0 - Set Max Jobs.

2.Enter in how many jobs you wish to run in parallel. A value of 0 means there is no limit to the number of jobs.

To set the number of jobs programmatically, you can call PNSetMaxJobs11.exe from the command line with the number to set, as shown below:

C:\Program Files\Raster Image Printer 11.0\Setups\PNSetMaxJobs11.exe 3