The Advanced Options tab displays all of the options already presented on the Layout and Paper/Quality tabs, along with some new options. It is from this tab that you can set the Paper Size which controls the dimensions of each page in the output file you are creating. Also available from here is the Print Quality or resolution used by the printer. Print Quality is also often referred to as DPI, which stands for Dots Per Inch.

Paper Output

Defines the dimensions of each page in the output file.

Paper Size:

Allows you to choose the page size of the pages in your output file. Depending on your regional settings, this normally defaults to Letter (or A4 for Europe and the UK). Clicking the underlined text will display a list of paper sizes to choose from. Raster Image Printer supports all standard international sizes. If you want to use a custom paper size instead, add a custom paper size as shown in the Adding custom paper sizes section, or use the custom paper option on the Advanced Features tab.


Specifies the print resolution, or DPI (Dots Per Inch) of the output file. Higher resolutions produce graphic images that are sharper and show finer detail, but are also very large if they are not compressed. Low-resolution images are not of as high a quality, but they take up less disk space. In general, Raster Image Printer will perform a readable text conversion at any resolution. If your document contains graphics, you may want to use one of the higher resolution settings.

Print Quality:

Click the underlined text to choose a resolution from the drop-down list. The screenshot below only shows a portion of the available resolutions; you can choose from 50 x 50 dots per inch up to 1200 x 1200 dots per inch.

Document Options

Lists available options for printing. Only the Color Printing Mode option is used by Raster Image Printer; the other Document Options settings are ignored.

Color Printing Mode:

This option reflects the Color settings chosen on the Paper/Quality tab. Changing the Color Printing Mode here will also change it on the Paper/Quality tab.

Printer Features - Print Quality:

This option is not used by the Raster Image Printer.