The Advanced Features allow you to control the paper size and margins of the printer.


Determines the unit of measure used to enter any hardware margins and paper size options. Choose English to enter the measurements in inches or Metric to enter the units in centimeters.

You can enter units with up to three digits of accuracy, or to an eighth of an inch (0.125in or 0.318cm).

Hardware Margins

The hardware margins option allows you to customize the size of the printer-supplied edge on your outputted image. Hardware margins cannot be larger than 1.00in (2.54cm) on each side of the paper.

Left/Right - Enter the Left and Right hardware margins settings into the appropriate fields.

Top/Bottom - enter in the Top and Bottom hardware margin settings into the appropriate fields.

Enable Custom Paper

Enable this check box to use a custom paper size for your output file. Note that this selection overrides any other paper size selections that you have set.

Paper Size:

Enter the desired Width and Height for the custom paper size.

Printer Area Margins:

Enter the desired Left, Right, Top, and Bottom printer area margin settings for the custom paper size.

The combined Left and Right printer area margins must be less than the Width of the custom paper. The combined Top and Bottom printer area margins must be less than the Height of the custom paper.


Launches the Activation Wizard as described in the Activating Raster Image Printer section if you are in trial mode.

If you have already activated Raster Image Printer , you will see a summary of your license information (see Viewing Your Activation Status for more details)

Restore Defaults

Restores this tab's settings back to the defaults when the driver was first installed.


Brings up the on-line help for this tab.