About Multi-page and Serialized Images and Files

The Raster Image Printer can produce both serialized (separated) and multi-page image and PDF files. Serialized images are created when you use the Raster Image Printer to output a multi-paged document as one of the serialized image file formats; each page of the document is saved as a single image in its own file. Multi-page images, on the other hand, consolidate all pages of a document into a single image. This has obvious advantages for anyone who is interested in electronic document delivery and archiving, since scanning long documents as separated files can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Serialized Images and Files

A serialized image or file is a single file containing a single page of your document. When creating serialized images or files from a document with multiple pages, the images are created and stored sequentially, normally using a numerical naming scheme. For example, a three page document could be stored as 3 separate JPG images named file_001.jpg, file_002.jpg and file_003.jpg.

All of the output formats that Raster Image Printer can produce can be created as serialized files.

Multi-page Images and Files

A multi-page image or file is a single consolidated file containing multiple pages, similar to how a Word or Publisher document can have more than one page. As an example, when scanning in a user manual, it is usually easier to store one file that contains 120 pages than to store 120 separate files.

With Raster Image Printer, you can convert documents of any size into multi-page TIFF images or PDF files directly from any Windows application by simply printing the entire document as you normally would if you were producing a paper copy of the document.

Viewing Multi-page Images

Many professional photo retouching software systems do not read multi-page images of any kind unless they are proprietary to the manufacturer. However, most recent fax file viewers and imaging applications will be able to read these images.

All Windows operating systems starting with Windows 2000 come with a standard imaging tool that reads most multi-page image files. The Raster Image Printer can be set to automatically launch the imaging application to view the file when created. See the section on Viewing Your Images or the section Automatically View the Created Images and Files for more information.