File Conversion Center can produce both serialized and multi-page output.

Serialized output saves each page of a multi-page document or image as a single file.

Multi-page output consolidates all pages of a multi-page document or image into a single file containing multiple pages.

Many professional photo retouching software systems do not read multi-page images of any kind unless they are proprietary to the manufacturer. However, most recent fax file viewers and imaging applications will be able to read these images.

If you have not purchased a fax file viewer or imaging application, versions of Windows from Windows XP and higher come with an imaging tool that reads most multi-page TIFF and ZSoft DCX files.

Multi-page Output File Types

Portable Document Format files (*.pdf)

TIFF image files (*.tif)

ZSoft DCX image files (*.dcx)

Serialized Output File Types

Portable Document Format files (*.pdf)

JPEG image files (*.jpg)

TIFF image files (*.tif)

Windows Bitmap image files (*.bmp)

ZSoft PCX image files (*.pcx)

CServe Portable Network Graphics image files (*.png)

Graphics Interchange Format image files (*.gif)

File Naming

Output files in File Conversion Center are named from the incoming file. The file naming sequence protects against naming collisions such that existing files in the output directories are not overwritten.

For example, converting C:\TestFiles\MyDocument.doc to a TIFF image file repeatedly, and saving the output to the same folder gives the following results on subsequent runs.

1st run


2nd run


3rd run


4th run


5th run