To activate your product you need to enter in the serial number that was included with your order confirmation email. You can also find your serial number in your on-line store account.

Enter the serial number into the box on the screen. If you copy your entire serial number from your email and then return to this dialog it will automatically be pasted into the box.




Entering Serial Numbers

The serial number is case sensitive and it is important to type the serial number exactly as it is received. Be sure not to leave any spaces before or after the serial number when typing or pasting, and note that the serial number ends with a series of hexadecimal characters (0-9,A-F).



Activating Without an Internet Connection

If you are having difficulty connecting to the internet, or do not want to activate over the internet, you can choose to manually activate the product by clicking the "I do not have an internet connection and will activate manually" check box on this screen.

Manual activation does not require an Internet connection on the computer the software is installed on, but it does require that you have the ability to email an encrypted file to us to authenticate.

We will return the authenticated file to you, which you then import using the Activation Wizard to complete the activation process. These files are processed by PEERNET's technical staff from 09h00 to 17h00, Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

When activating over the internet, the Activation Wizard will attempt to validate an internet connection, and will prompt with the choice to manually activate it if it cannot connect.

Click the Cancel button to begin the manual activation process, or the Retry button to try connecting to the internet again.






If you suspect your firewall or anti-virus software has blocked the connection, adjust your firewall or anti-virus software and click the Retry button.