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Document Conversion Service 3.0

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Welcome to Document Conversion Service

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PEERNET Document Conversion Service is a true Windows service that comes bundled with a basic set of converters for converting the most common types of documents, a suite of command line conversion utilities, PEERNET.ConvertUtility.dll, a .NET library to convert files from your own code and a payload plug-in for more advanced needs that can be called from any programming language with COM support.

Document Conversion Service comes with several pre-built sample applications as open source projects. These samples demonstrate how to convert a multitude of document types to various image (picture) formats such as TIFF, JPEG, Adobe® PDF, PNG and others.

The Convert File sample demonstrates using the PEERNET.ConvertUtility.dll to convert files, and the Watch Folder service sample that watches a folder(s) on your system for files to convert and based on its configuration it will convert the documents to the specified format.

The Document Conversion Service is easily configured through its application configuration file to control all aspects of the conversion process, including how many documents in parallel/concurrently it will process and which applications are available to convert documents to various formats.