Initializes an instance of the PNConvertFileInfo object with an input file, the desired output folder and an optional collection of conversion settings to use when converting the input file. This class is used to pass collections of files to the ConvertFileList method to be converted.




PNConvertFileInfo(inputFile, outputPath, settings)



String inputFile

The full path to the input file to be converted. This can be on the local computer, on a shared location using a mapped drive letter or by passing a UNC formatted file path.

String outputPath

Full path to the save file location, or String.Empty to create the new file in the same location as inputFile.

This folder must be created before the call to ConvertFileList is made. If the path doesn't exist or a file of the same name already exists in the save file location, the conversion will fail. Pass True for OverwriteExisting to allow file overwriting.

IList<PNSetting> settings

A collection of conversion settings to use when converting the file. These conversion settings will apply only to inputFile.

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