Welcome to the PEERNET.ConvertUtility help. The table below outlines the different sections of this help manual.



About PEERNET.ConvertUtility

Information about product releases, requirements and support are included in this section.

Installation and Deployment

This section covers installation of the PEERNET.ConvertUtility and what files need to be redistributed with your application.

Getting Started

Step-by step tutorials in this section explain how to call  the PEERNET.ConvertUtility from your own code, and how to use the returned information to find the converted files, information messages or error messages.

Working With PEERNET.ConvertUtility

This section covers the more advanced topics such as passing custom settings and creating your own custom conversion profiles.

Deploying Applications

This sections lists the required PEERNET.ConvertUtility files needed when deploying applications.

PEERNET.ConvertUtility Namespace

This reference section contains detailed descriptions of all classes in the PEERNET.ConvertUtility library.